Free trial version of TsiLang Components Suite is available ONLY for evaluation purposes. SIL Editor and Dictionary Manager tools can be freely distributed to your translators.

Registered users can download the registered version at the bottom of this page.

TsiLang Components Suite Trial

The trial version of TsiLang Components Suite is fully functional, but works only while RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder is running.

TsiLang Components Suite
SIL Editor
SIL Editor
Dictionary Manager
Dictionary Manager
TsiLang Components Suite User’s Guide
Tool: Recover translated strings from source
Recover Strings from Source

Please be sure you have installed all the latest service and update packs available for your version of RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder. Because DCU and OBJ files of TsiLang Components Suite are built using all the latest update packs installed.

Please feel free to request our help if you experience any troubles while installing TsiLang Components Suite.

You can download our other products from the SiComponents download page.

Registered versions (for registered users only!)


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