Software Localization is Easy… with TsiLang Components Suite

TsiLang Components Suite implements localization solution for applications created with Embarcadero RAD Studio, Delphi and C ++ Builder. What exactly can you get from TsiLang? Your programs can support as many languages (locales) as you wish. You get a flexible tool as it has easy-to-use modes to store and manage translations. Switching languages is performed immediately as it switches User Interface language "on-the-fly". You don’t have to worry about any limitations as it allows localization of ALL required elements of the user interface! Want to release your software with multilingual localization? TsiLang has full support for FireMonkey applications so you can create fully multilingual applications on any platform:

Localization solution for: MAC, mobile devices, Windows and others
MAC, mobile devices, Windows and Linux

Get TsiLang now and develop multi-language applications for any devices that can include all languages in a single build, change language on-fly as you need!

TsiLang Components Suite is not only powerful, but also an exceptionally easy-to-use internationalization tool. To make your form multilingual, take the following three steps:

Step 1
Drop a TsiLang component onto your form
Step 2
Double-click to Enter the translations
Step 3
Easily switch languages at run-time

Not Sure If TsiLang is The Right Choice as Localization Solution?

For detailed information we recommend to take a look at TsiLang Components Suite overview, read quick guide or just take a quick look at short list of features below.

You can check our videos that we have created for TsiLang Components Suite that will help you to quickly discover some of the features and functionality.

Feel free to have a read about what our customers, multinational companies, have to say about us!

Still not convinced? Here is a list of just main features of TsiLang:

FireMonkey and FireUI support! Create multilanguage mobile and Mac OS applications easily.

TsiLang Components Suite allows you to create applications with multi-language support for all target platforms supported by the IDE. So you can create multi-platform applications for Mac Os, Android and iOS with the same functionality as Windows applications.

The same application with TsiLang under Android and Windows

The same application with TsiLang under Android and Windows

Switching languages on fly at run-time as well as design-time

Just with only your request, TsiLang on its own will change the language of user interface. So, no more time wasted to run an application to test new interface! Therefore, with TsiLang you can preview the translated interface at design-time and at run-time.

No external files or databases to create multi-language applications

With TsiLang you can build multilingual apps with as many languages of interface as you want in a single EXE file! This way, any extra files used for supporting translations (DLLS, databases etc) are in the past!

Language Changing Process is 100% in your hands!

TsiLangDispatcher will help you to manage the language changing process in projects with many forms. So you just need to link each TsiLang component to TsiLangDispatcher. As a result, changing the active language of TsiLangDispatcher will cause the language to change in the whole application. Moreover, TsiLang Translation Wizard will help you to configure this in few quick steps.

TsiLang Translation Wizard

TsiLang Translation Wizard

You can also let your user to manage the translations!

Optionally, you can store the translations in an external file either SIL (textual) or SIB (binary) format. This gives you an option to do not include all the translations info into an EXE application. So you can build light-weight programs. Moreover, you can give end-user the opportunity to edit the translations of the user interface without your assistance.

Nothing is going to be missed out!

TsiLang will make sure to translate all string properties of components, system locales and standard dialog’s captions and strings. Additionally, translating your application into a language with a very long average word length sometimes requires to reposition or resize the controls. In this case, using the Extended Translations feature of TsiLang you will handle all necessary properties, even non-string ones. Because TsiLang can virtually change any property of any component.

TsiLang Translation Editor

TsiLang Translation Editor

Complete solution to cover all the possible cases for localization!

Our suite includes wide range of tools and utilities to cover all the possible cases to enhance and simplify your project localization. SIL Editor- the powerful translations editor. Dictionary Manager - translations database manager. A set of wizards and other tools will provide you with complete "all-in-one" solution. Create professional and user-friendly localized applications in minutes!

Full set of tools for any localization case.

Full set of tools for any localization case.

Additional Information

Quick Information

Supported IDEs:
RAD Studio: all versions
Delphi: 5 and later
C++Builder: 5 and later
Price from: US $259 (Purchase)
Version: (23 May 2021)
Size: 75,950 K (Download)

Support for all platforms and IDEs
Useful Articles

Article demonstrates how to build multilanguage applications easily and quickly using TsiLang Components Suite.

We will show you how to configure your application to support translations stored in external files quickly and easily. Also you will learn how to automatically update list of available languages.

We will show you the implementation of technique described in previous article using Embarcadero RADPHP XE as a sample of such applications.

You will learn how to build a solid translations database within a minutes just by using Dictionary Manager and Android SDK resources.

We will describe the settings required to support Far East or other Unicode languages in older IDE versions that do not support Unicode.

More information

You can read a quick on-line using guide or download detailed manual from here.

Visit our FAQ page to check if there is already available answer for your question.

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