With TsiLang you get a two-in-one solution. It simplifies the process of localizing your application. And at the same time, it gives you the ability to provide your users with easy-to-use applications with on-the-fly multilingual functionality. What makes our product different and exactly the solution you are looking for? Here are just some of the features of TsiLang Components Suite:

You will be able to localize everything without wasting much of time.

TsiLang “takes care” of all elements of your program: string type properties of components, “hard-coded” string constants, resource strings, system locale and standard dialogs strings. Everything that affects the look and feel of your software is localized on the fly.

TsiLang Components Suite provides full support for all versions of FireMonkey and FireUI.

This allows you to target all platforms with a single code base. There is no difference and no speed loss between localizing mobile software and Windows or OSX applications.

You have complete control over the tool by choosing where to store your translation data.

So you can customize it according to your program; you can do it internally (it is perfect for small applications (single EXE file without DLLs, databases or any other external file) or externally in files of your choice (this way you will be able to change/adopt translations without recompiling the project, even the user of your program will be able to update translations at runtime). What does this mean for you? Save even more time!

Globalize a project of any size in a few moments with built-in tools - TsiLang Expert and Resource Strings Wizard.

TsiLang Expert adds TsiLang components to project forms and data modules, adjusts their properties and scans project files for “hard-coded” strings for you. Using the Resource Strings Wizard, you will be able to extract your program’s resource strings and add them to the translation data, even if they are hidden in a .dcu (.ob) file without the source code for them!

Another great tool that you get with TsiLang is the SIL Editor.

It can be freely redistributed. It allows you to separate the translation process from the project development to make the entire development process easier and smoother.

Last but not least - Dictionary Manager.

Dictionary Manager helps you save translations in dictionaries and reuse them in subsequent projects. This is the way to build a translation memory for your projects. It is just another great tool to reduce your translation time and costs. All translations from Dictionary Manager can be automatically used by SIL Editor or TsiLang property editors.

Supported IDEs

All IDEs supported

RAD Studio: All versions

Delphi: 5 and above

C++Builder: 6 and above