TsiLang Components Suite makes it possible to create multilanguage localization for applications that support new, user-created translations even without recompilation or assistance from the developers. So we’ve demonstrated this in the article Creating multilanguage applications translated by users. Examples of applications with multilanguage localization developed with this method include our products Resource Builder, SIL Editor, and Dictionary Manager, as well as third-party applications.

How it is done in RadPHP XE?

One of the most outstanding applications using TsiLang Components Suite is RadPHP XE from Embarcadero. Embarcadero – authors of RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder and other well-known developer tools.

In RadPHP XE, the user changes languages through the Options menu.

Multilanguage Localization: RadPHP XE Options dialog

Figure 1. RadPHP XE Options dialog box.

Also, the application comes with a set of languages including English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. During the installation, the setup script also copies a dictionary and translation file to the user’s PC:

Multilanguage Localization: RADPHP XE Translations files

Figure 2. Translation files

Also, the help file includes a detailed explanation of the steps for adding new translations:

Multilanguage Localization: RADPHP XE Contributor's Guide

Figure 3. RADPHP XE: Contributor Guide

As a result, after the user adds a language or updates an existing language, new translations will appear automatically in the application. Moreover, the large community of RadPHP XE users all over the world helps to collect quite a large translation database. Later this can be shared with others.

Multilanguage Localization: Translations Editor for RADPHP XE

Figure 4. Translations Editor for RADPHP XE

As shown here, this functionality is fast and easy to implement, while providing tremendous flexibility for developers. Moreover, the fact that the company that created RAD Studio and other development tools uses TsiLang Components Suite underscores the quality, convenience, and reliability of our product. So we hope that you will choose our product as a tool for your multilingual RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder applications.

TsiLang Components Suite home page: https://www.tsilang.com

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